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Help your customers indulge in the pinnacle of pie perfection with Tweed Coast Wholesale Baking’s renowned Pie Collection, a testament to our unwavering commitment to taste, quality, and artistry.

We believe that our pies stand as the epitome of excellence in this region, crafted with a meticulous touch that ensures the pastry remains flawlessly intact, even as you savour each mouthful.

Our pies are a testament to consistency, each one meticulously prepared to deliver a consistent, palate-pleasing experience every time. Aesthetic allure is equally vital, as we ensure that every pie boasts a picturesque top, capturing attention before the first bite.

The heart of our pies lies in the partnerships we cultivate. With a local butcher in Mullumbimby, we’ve established a genuine collaboration that underscores our commitment to using only the finest ingredients. This dedication to consistency and quality shines through, as we take pride in the results-driven approach that shapes every creation.

As champions of Australian flavors, our pies echo this sentiment, embracing a distinctly Australian essence in every bite. From farm to fork, our pies encapsulate the essence of our commitment to locally sourced, premium ingredients and a dedication to maintaining the quintessential Australian pie experience.

Experience the embodiment of pie perfection with Tweed Coast Wholesale Baking. Our pies transcend the ordinary, offering an unrivalled taste, a devotion to quality, and an artistry that transforms each bite into an exquisite culinary journey.

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